Journey Into Teaching…Time For Change.

The name [Svadhyaya] itself explains the meaning – ‘Sva’ meaning self and adhyaya meaning ‘inquiry’ or ‘examination’. It refers to knowing more and more about oneself, intentionally.

Deep Breath In…Deep Breath Out...

"Welcome to your body," says Brynne Caleda, as she guides 30 Kindergarteners and 1st Graders through a yoga class.  Her poise, centered-ness, demeanor, influence and understanding, as she moved the students from one pose to another, was inspiring to say the least, but more importantly, for me as a teacher, it was a moment of clarification: it's time for a change, to emerge anew. 

As the new year unfolds, new opportunities arise, goals are set, and challenges are ready to be faced. HarmsaStar is not just a company to me. It has become a way of life, an inspiration, and an opportunity to be fulfilled in ways I never imagined. The countless lives I've already been a part of, the smiles and recognition I've received from children and adults alike, the bonds I've made, and connections with companies I admire and support, have all helped me define who I am as an artist, entrepreneur, and educator. The time has come though to deeper my practice as a teacher. The way we are taught as yogis to always return to your mat and as dancers, to return to the barre, I feel as an educator, it's time to return to the classroom and learn. This year already holds a lot for me personally, as I continue to grow and expand as a teacher, and I want wholeheartedly to take full advantage of everything I will be learning, experiencing, and doing, in order to truly transform into an even greater student, apprentice, and eventually one whom catapults lives and dreams. 

With so much happening in 2014 for HarmsaStar, I, Harmony, have come to a crossroads in my teaching. Having spent the last 8 years a "teacher," I've developed certain styles, habits, routines, materials, and ways of implementing content that I've grown comfortable with and perhaps even stagnant from. It has thus come to my attention, that it's definitely time for some self-reflection, and subsequently, new challenges.  It's time for me to re-define myself as a teacher; not only in the way that I approach teaching, but also in how I teach myself to be a teacher. The reminder that I will always be a student has become an exciting venture as I move towards new dreams and ambitions regarding what I have to share and give to my students. 

What really kick-started this revelation into high gear were two of my student's unique responses to an exercise I did yesterday in my Yogi-Grow program. At the beginning of the class, I asked each student to write down how they were feeling before yoga that day. They wrote down their responses and then were cued to place those piece of paper underneath their mats. At the end of the lesson, the students were asked to take that same piece of paper out from under their mats and write how they felt after taking yoga. The responses were overwhelmingly insightful, and two in particular stood out to me.

Before: "How I feel is very scared that I can't do any stretches at all. I feel so nervous that I won't be able to do anything at all."

After: "I feel relax and stretchful because I've done lots of stretches."

A pretty positive experience, overall! I was happy to read this. Then, I also got...

Before: "I feel bored!!!! Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored"

After: "I still feel bored."

Now this is where the challenge of being a teacher really comes to light. How to remedy this poor child's boredom? Am I a boring teacher? Am I not challenging my students enough? What about the students who are having a great time? Each student matters, so I have to find a way to resolve this. I must. That's what drives me as an educator.

So, as I take this new journey into teaching and steps towards becoming an ever better teacher, I've decided the most important aspect for me is intention. With intention comes heart, soul, and a great deal of self-awareness. The time is now and I can only get better. Thus, it has also become apparent to me that in order to hold myself accountable for these new intentions, I need to do some serious self-reflection. Read articles, have discussions, journal, research, take professional development trainings, create more subject material, question why, and how, and observe those who teach me.

It is my goal to share with you, my audience, my weekly ventures into a deeper teaching. In sharing my fears, my findings, and my "aha" moments, I hope to ultimately discover a greater potential, and most importantly, develop new ways to truly affect and empower the children and adults that I care so much about: my students. It's all about the power of love, the power of the arts, and the power of generations. 

This personal blog is a chance for me to connect deeper to my support system, to those who believe in me and what HarmsaStar, especially with Generation Rainbow, is striving to achieve. It's also a chance for me to be raw, connect back to the arts community, fellow teachers, and students of life, learning from one another, day by day. As I begin this new journey into teaching, I would love feedback, insight, helpful resources, etc…please feel free to comment! In fact, that would mean a lot! Share stories, talk story, it's all relevant!

A special thank you to that student who wasn't afraid to be honest, and in doing so helped me to be honest with myself. 

2014 - Indeed, Time For Change.  

♥ Harmony

YogiFlow No Mo.

Aloha World! 

As of today, YogiFlow in the Park will be taken off the current schedule. In order to make time and room for exciting workshops, YogiFlow will now be a "by request" only event. Thank you for your support as HarmsaStar continues to offer new and exciting opportunities for dancers, yogis, guest artists, and more!

Speaking of workshops, "Contemporary Bollywood Dance" begins October 8th. Deadline to sign-up is Oct. 1st. 

P.S. November's workshop will feature "MFA" aka Movement for Actors :D

Stay tuned for more details! 


Contemporary Bollywood Workshop

Not belly-dance. Not even close. 

A HarmsaStar exclusive! An incredible and invigorating dance style, Bollywood stems from the movie industry of Mumbai, India. Featuring lively music and diverse choreography, this style also blends hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance. Bollywood includes an energizing warm-up, characterization, attitude, and of course, FUN! You'll shake, shimmy, stomp, and smile, as you let go of inhibitions and dance to the beat of your soul. Cardio-infused and technically driven, be ready to sweat!

Opportunity to learn choreography from upcoming show if you are interested in performing.

Sign up by October 1st - $75 for 8 classes or pay-as-you-go $10 per class

sign up now :)



Bollywood Vignette - Open Call

Come be part of "Bollywood Vignette" a fantastical deliverance of story, expression, individualism, and passion through a dance, yoga, and musical lens. An abstract portrayal of the deity Ganesha, half-man, half-elephant, creator and remover of obstacles, how he came to be, and the deep-rooted thought behind his significance. See this unique story come to life, vignette style, through experimental contemporary-yoga, contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre, and more. With a personally composed/mixed score consisting of a plethora or music genres, this show is sure to leave its audience piqued. A show for All People, All Ages. No expectations, just live, inspired performance.  

Call instructions: You don't need to provide your own music or movement. Choreography will be taught at the audition and then participants will perform in groups. A warm-up and some technique will also given.

(actors please bring short monologue; singers prepare song of choice any style with or without your own music accompaniment - expect choreography and movement) 

Let me know if you have any other questions :)



Honolulu Night Market Performance!

Hello World!  

In preparation for HarmsaStar's upcoming Fringe Festival Oahu performance "Bollywood Vignette," there will be a pre-performance and workshop on September 21st at the Honolulu Night Market. Consisting of multi-genre dance and yoga, this pre-performance will also engage the audience in an interactive Bollywood workshop! The Honolulu Night Market takes places every 3rd Sat of the month, and features food, shopping, music, performances, and much more! It is also a family friendly event. HarmsaStar will be passing out flyers as well, so be sure not to miss this event! 

Performance set to happen around 7pm.  :)


Bollywood Dance at UH Manoa!

Have you heard? HarmsaStar will be teaching "Bollywood Dance" at UH Manoa beginning Sept 15th!

Are you ready to get involved with one of the most liberating, energizing, and overall just fantastic styes of dance? Come experience the sounds, rhythms, movement and pure fun in Bollywood Dance. With a contemporary twist, this class will also feature hints of jazz, hip-hop, and modern.

PLUS come by the UH Vendor Fair tomorrow between 12p and 3p, to come try a mini demo of the class and visit HarmsaStar's booth! 

Move to the rhythm of your heart, dance to the beat of your soul ~ HT


Bolly Flyer FedEx.jpg

Open Call Auditions


Aloha and Namaste Ya'll!

I'm sure by now you've seen the new audition flyer going around and I, for sure, am excited to meet eager, passionate, and committed, dancers, yogis, and guest artists.

Here are a few specifics about the audition process:

  • "Open Call" is open to all people, all ages. So don't be shy!
  • Group audition date:  Aug 25th. 9am at Alive Ballet Center 
  • Let me know you are coming and submit an informal bio of your experience/specialty > contact
  • Come dressed and prepared to move in an array of styles
  • If, after successful audition, you are asked to participate in an upcoming show, you will be given specific day/times to attend rehearsals. Since we have the first show in less than a month, rehearsals will run 2-4 hours per week.

If you just can't make the group audition, you can set up a convenient time to drop into a HarmsaStar class and show me what you've got! Please keep in mind, I need a little notice as to which class you'll be dropping in on, just so I can organize class most efficiently :) 

These are unpaid performances, but an awesome opportunity to meet other dancers and yogis, experience new forms of movement, and just DANCE!!

Om Shanti Peace and Be Free.

♥ Harmony 


blue jazz flyer.jpg

Happy August! The Month for Possibilities!

Welcome to August everyone! With so much excitement and adventure on the cusp for HarmsaStar, you can be sure the next few months will be FILLED with creativity, collaboration, community, and of course, choreography!   

Mark your calendars: August 16th for "SoulGasm," Sept 14th for "Translations," and November for "The Fringe Festival." Remember auditions are ongoing, so if you are interested just contact here or go to the facebook event. 

Also, IMPORTANT for August, there have been some changes to pricing, to include package options: weekly and monthly! The more classes you attend, the better the deal. :)

Plus, right now, if you're new to HarmsaStar, your first month of unlimited classes is only $56! With 5 classes each week to choose from, you're gonna have fun with this!  

Have a fantastic month everyone! See you soon!


*All People, All Ages* 

Bollywood in the Park! Have you tried it yet? :)

Don't ya just wish you could live in a Bollywood music video sometimes? Hehe. Well, for now come be a part of Bollywood in the Park and I'll do my best to create that fantastic environment.
9am @Triangle Park EVERY Sat. ♥

*Just bring a great attitude, some water, and maybe a friend or two!  

Donation Based Class. 

~Where Mind meets Body in Nature~ 

P.S. This is the song we're dancing to! Woo!


Move together from anywhere in the world!

Anyone been thinking about trying my online classes?? No matter where you are in the world, we can still move together ♥

*Use the promo code "Friend-harmsastar" for 20% off any class! Plus check out the great package deals I'm offering for July!

All People. All Ages. Live Powhow class. All you need is wifi and a webcam.

HarmsaStar: "a human movement experience wholly communicated through Dance, Yoga, and Education."



Auditions for July!!

like it

Ongoing Auditions for SoulGasm @ Alive Ballet Center (WEDs & SUNs). 

Company Auditions will continue to run through the end of July: 

Attend any Dance or Contemporary Yoga Class and show us how you MOVE!  


Please view calendar for full details on class locations and times or contact me directly  with any questions:



"Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor." ♥   H. Jackson Brown, Jr.       ~Photo by Mercy Shammah~
"Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor." ♥ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

   ~Photo by Mercy Shammah~

HarmsaStar is Expanding FAST! Join Us!

Hello there world! 

Wow, what an incredible journey it's been so far since launching HarmsaStar in March, 2013. With 5 locations offered now, more unique classes are being offered, and exciting opportunities for dancers, company members, and friends in general are on the rise! 

Coming up in July, HarmsaStar will become a part of two new families on the island:

The Wellness Center Hawaii & Yogaloha

Also, look for HarmsaStar's Bollywood Dance class coming up in the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Outreach Program for Fall 2013.  

As we journey through the rest of summer, come try something new, expand your horizons, and take a risk. Your body is your temple, your mind is your guide, and your soul is your sanctuary. Bring together mind, body, and spirit, find a beautiful community, and unite as ALL PEOPLE, ALL AGES to move, smile, and surrender.