Bollywood in the Park is trying out a new location!

Hello World!

With the popularity of Kapiolani Park on Saturday mornings growing more and more as summer approaches, HarmsaStar would like to try a new location at Triangle Park!

Please note there will not be a Bollywood class this weekend, however it will be returning with a fierceness the following weekend, May 11th. 

Come check it out if you haven't already. The class has already learned two unique dances, and HarmsaStar is also looking for performance opportunities! 



HarmsaStar is officially on Meetup!

Featuring: HarmsaStar's Dance & Yoga Group! 

This group involves members in physical activities including: dance classes and yoga classes. Currently we have a Bollywood in the Park class which is Bollywood dance, open to all.

Ideal members are people who are active or interested in becoming more active. People who have dance and yoga experience OR no experience at all but want to learn! Beginners are very much welcome!

Members should join to expand their movement diversity, workout while smiling and having fun, listen to music, engage in a diverse cultural experience, de-stress, connect with body and mind, and of course meet like-minded people! 



Inspiration from a fellow CPY Graduate :)

Sun A in Poetry

Christina Torres

They told me that yoga means to yoke or to unite
that we attempt to bring light to our very human beings
to trying seeing the divine within ourselves.
That yogis work to surge one with the other.

Well, I thought, I’m SCREWED 
there is no glue strong enough to 
bring the broken pieces of MYSELF together
much less try and progress them towards the divine
But I guess I can try.

So, imagine my surprise when I found that
this strange semi-silent dance would not only bring 
the cracked-tattered shards of my body and mind whole,
but that it would give me a chance to see the light in
each limb

That when I go into tadasana, I am reminded
that I am part of this earth, that all 4 corners 
of my being and soul are part of something 
much larger than myself

my beautiful flawed humanity connects the earth 
through my feet and the sky with my turned in pinkies

I hinge forward, and I humble myself 
to the process I am about to undergo, before
I flow up again, bring my spine strong and straight,
the back that will try and lift up another generation
closer to the sky is flat so they may find their footing.
Then, I fall forward again, with the realization that no one 
carries this world on their own.

I plant my palms and step back, and align my body, 
with the earth. Chatturanga dandasana, 
A sure-straight arrow. I lengthen
my neck away from the fingers that once wrapped around it, a reminder that no one owns this body but myself.

I lower down on arms that were once unable to do a single push up,
but no carry me me as I flip me feet over into upward facing dog. I drop 
hips that, 2 years ago, cracked as they bounced off the hood of
a moving car on an LA street carrying my body floating along with it,
and the doctors told me I would never be the same again

They were right.

As I shine my chest forward to the world, showing 
anyone who has once tried to reach in and take piece of 
my heart that you may make me cry but you will never
scare me so much that I will squirrel away my love. I will
burst it open to the world around me instead, in hopes of
multiplying my blessings and opening, like a lotus blossom out
of the darkness.

Finally, I pull these once broken hips to the air, a trophy of
what I have asked this body to do, and it has answered. I plant
my palms into solid earth and spread my toes wide. I imagine myself
like a starfish clinging to the underside of a glass-bottom boat, looking
at the world around, and it hits me: that even when my world is literally turned
upside down and my gaze turned all around, I need only spread my toes
and smile, inhale, exhale out anything that no longer serves me. 
Inhale and feel blessed at the new perspective I have been given.

(Christina Torres) Wrote this for my CPY TT final exhibition. So much love beyond words to these amazing ladies and gent. So incredibly blessed.