HarmsaStar represents who I am as an artist and an entrepeneur.

Being essentially an artistic resource for unique and inspirational Dance, Yoga, and Education classes, HarmsaStar humbles itself on believing in the power of uniting and inspiring All People, All Ages, within creative spaces. Including performance, collaboration, and other creative opportunities, it is my mission to share my love and passion for all that I do and am.

Just as my passion soars for my art, it also arises in work I do for others. I am intensely driven, goal-oriented and trustworthy. I’ve always stood out from the crowd and look forward to daily challenges with an open heart and strong backbone. I am interested in the development of technical and creative dance forums, and continually furthering my training and knowledge within the arts community
— ♥ HarmsaStar

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(Photo courtesy of Samantheeyo and Stephanie Rose Designs.)