Happy August! The Month for Possibilities!

Welcome to August everyone! With so much excitement and adventure on the cusp for HarmsaStar, you can be sure the next few months will be FILLED with creativity, collaboration, community, and of course, choreography!   

Mark your calendars: August 16th for "SoulGasm," Sept 14th for "Translations," and November for "The Fringe Festival." Remember auditions are ongoing, so if you are interested just contact here or go to the facebook event. 

Also, IMPORTANT for August, there have been some changes to pricing, to include package options: weekly and monthly! The more classes you attend, the better the deal. :)

Plus, right now, if you're new to HarmsaStar, your first month of unlimited classes is only $56! With 5 classes each week to choose from, you're gonna have fun with this!  

Have a fantastic month everyone! See you soon!


*All People, All Ages*