From "Bodies in Motion." 

From "Bodies in Motion." 

Dance Painting

Movement Art is a fantastical exploration where body, mind, artist and canvas come together to create live art! We will be using our bodies-in-motion to “dance paint” on large scale paper. Discover your outer-movement artist with freestyle dancing, and your inner-movement artist with music inspired drawing and choreography. Find a new love for Movement Art and come celebrate with friends and family!  Instructor Harmony is an artist, educator, and an entrepreneur, as well as a performing company,  HarmsaStar

Young Yogi Art Workshop

Come join HarmsaStar  as we design, decorate, and do some amazing Yoga Art! Not only will we practice yoga breath, posture, and relaxation, we will also use our imaginations to create brand new, kid-friendly, poses. Let’s use our minds, bodies, and hearts to art-fully invent yoga poses. What do you think Rainbow Pose looks like or feels like? Parents highly encouraged to participate. Games, movement, invention guaranteed. 

Puppet Theatre

Come one, come all. Let’s play with Puppets! Finger puppets, sock puppets, paper puppets, and more. Let’s create unique characters and then learn how to act with our new friends. This two-part workshop will conclude with a little mini performance featuring your puppets! Find out about stock characters, and also how using your voice and body, alongside the puppet, will help tell your story. Acting games, puppetry skills, coordination, exploration, and performing, will all be a part of this new and exciting two part workshop! 

Fairytale Frenzy

Once upon a time there was HarmsaStar and Art Explorium! Join us as we bring to life the pages of your favorite fairytales. Let’s use the abundance of arts and crafts materials provided by Art Explorium to re-tell the story of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid or how about the Three Little Pigs? Everyone will get to express their story in a few different ways, you’ll just have to come see for yourself to find out how it all turns out! Dance, Theatre, and Art all mixed up and ready for a happily ever after… 

Bollywood Brilliance

Introducing a speciality dance-arts class that’s sure to inspire smiles, creativity, and fantastic energy. Bollywood dance, stemming from the film industry of Mumbai, India, invokes big, extravagant, and wonder our movement, usually accompanied by a story-line. Students who register for “Bollywood Brilliance” will not only get to watch a Bollywood movie clip, but they will learn some of the most fun, basic dance steps. The best part? By teaming up with Art Explorium, HarmsaStar will also feature bangle and anklet crafting!

Super-hero Dance-off

Parents, need another reason to take advantage of that super-hero costume you bought? Kids, do you love to just wear your super-hero outfit everyday anyway? Or maybe you’re ready to design your own special emblem! Well, gear up my eclectic avengers, because it’s time for a dance off. Come dressed to impress as we learn 3 super-hero dances: The Wacky Wolverine, The Hip-Hop Hulk, and The Super-Girl Stomp. We will also be making individual, special emblems for each child. There’s no difference between “boys” and “girls” when it comes to saving the world and doing it in style…dance style, that is. We’ll stretch, get strong, and fly through cool moves, only to have a giant dance-off at the end! Let’s do this! 

Ballerina Tutu and Me

Calling all dancers, costumers, and little artists! We’re going to make our very own ballet tutus, as well as learn some classic ballet technique! Moms, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas, and Grandpas all welcome to this family workshop. It’s highly encouraged to come dressed the part in what you feel best represents ballet and dance. There’s no right or wrong and this isn’t only for girls. All Ages, All People. Creative Movement, Ballet Technique, Choreography, Tulle, Ribbons, Sequins, and more! Boys encouraged to bring a white-tshirt to design if they don’t want to make a tutu. 

Let's go to the zoo!

What’s your favorite animal? What if you could become your favorite animal for a day? Let’s explore our bodies and imaginations as we enter the world of a zoo! Let’s learn some cool facts and even put together a group collage! Capture the qualities of unique creatures and blend them together to create an animal dance! Want to really embody a zoo animal? Let HarmsaStar provide you with a face painting, and we’ll also be making some animal-inspired props to wear! Parents please bring a plain white shirt for the kids to transform! See you Zoon! 


Nursery rhyme classics like Rock a Bye BabyBah Bah Black SheepHey Diddle Diddle and more, are what make this “Little Artists” workshop classic yet contemporary. Come learn and sing-a-long to these historical children’s songs and even learn one or two from other countries! HarmsaStar will give a little mini voice lesson in breath, tempo, and scales, as well as practice some reading and rhyming skills. Open your voice and personality and sing to your heart’s content. All together we will create our very own poem/rhyming song that each student will get a chance to be a part of. Finally, the whole group will engage their artistic skills and decorate a large poster to capture the essence of all we’ve learned and imagined.Hickory Dickory Dock, go and set your clocks!

Elements in Motion

Earth, Air, Water, and Fire! Which one would you love to re-imagine and embody? Let’s explore these four elements in an assortment of creative activities including bubbles, ribbon dancing, rock painting, and fire-breathing, real fire not included . Of course, with HarmsaStar, we’ll also be engaging in element-inspired dancing and movement play. Parents encouraged to stay with children and participate! With the elements on our side, imagination abounds.

Sensation Creation

The five senses are powerful, especially to “Little Artists” as they start to understand, create, and explore all artistic mediums. Let’s focus this workshop on two senses: sight and touch. Each student will get the chance to feel and identify different textures, as well as engage in “sensory” movement exercises! You know you’re curious as to what will be featuring in this brand new workshop with HarmsaStar. 

Musical Magic

Calling all dancers, shakers, and music makers! This workshop is especially designed to bring out the musical artist in each student. In addition to making some unique instruments out of recycled, re-used, or re-imagined materials, everyone will get a chance to show off their creations in a “band-like” mini performance. Movement most likely, fun most definitely.

Mask Making

What kind of mask would you like to wear? An animal? An object? Something in nature? A character? With endless creative possibilities, and the incredible amount of materials that can be found at the Art Explorium, join HarmsaStar to create your specialty face wear. Then, of course, see what kind of movement is inspired by these certain-to-be fantastic masks. You’ll never want to take it off!  

Playdough Playtime

What kind of mask would you like to wear? An animal? An object? Something in nature? A character? With endless creative possibilities, and the incredible amount of materials that can be found at the Art Explorium, join HarmsaStar to create your specialty face wear. Then, of course, see what kind of movement is inspired by these certain-to-be fantastic masks. You’ll never want to take it off!  

Face Painting Workhop

Join us as we get silly and decorate our faces.  Artist, Harmony Turner, from Harmsastar will share with you the secrets of face painting so that you can paint our own faces as well as your friends.  We will learn the basics of face paint and get to try our new art out on each others faces.  Instructor Harmony Turner is a talented choreographer, dancer, yogi, teacher, and movement artist. 

Bodies in Motion

Oh what a wonderful thing the body is! We can bend, stretch, shake, and breathe deep. Can you imagine dancing to rhythm of your heart? Well… let’s get together and explore the various vital parts of our bodies, like our lungs, heart, brain, and core. Through this artistic experience, we will create life-size drawings of our unique bodies, culminating in an expressive movement phrase combining these special forces within. Embody your art, and let the movement fill you.

Rainbow Dreams

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. These colors have life, movement, and magical qualities, that we as artists can’t be without! Let’s have fun with the primary colors, mix em’ up and create secondary! Finger painting anyone? How about rainbow movement? Then we’ll link it all by actually making a rainbow chain out of paper! See you under the rainbow. 

Dino Dancing

Rawwwr, it’s time for Dinosaurrrrrs! In this dino-mighty workshop, you’ll color your favorite prehistoric giants and then make your very own dino-feet! Bring your imagination and your fiercest dance moves. We will also be learning the Jurassic Jam, Brontosaurs Bump, and the epic T-Rex Tap. Fossils are funky!


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