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Fairytale Frenzy

Once upon a time there was HarmsaStar and Art Explorium! Join us as we bring to life the pages of your favorite fairytales. Let’s use the abundance of arts and crafts provided by Art Explorium to re-tell the story of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid or how about the Three Little Pigs? Everyone will get to express their story in a few different ways, you’ll just have to come see for yourself to find out how it all turns out! Dance, Theatre, and Art all mixed up and ready for a happily ever after… 


Bollywood Brilliance

Introducing a specialty dance-arts class that’s sure to inspire smiles, creativity, and fantastic energy. Bollywood dance, stemming from the film industry of Mumbai, India, invokes big, extravagant, and wonder our movement, usually accompanied by a story-line. Students who register for “Bollywood Brilliance” will not only get to watch a Bollywood movie clip, but they will learn some of the most fun, basic dance steps. The best part? By teaming up with Art Explorium, HarmsaStar will also feature bangle and anklet crafting! 

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Super-hero Dance-off

Parents, need another reason to take advantage of that super-hero costume you bought? Kids, do you love to just wear your super-hero outfit everyday anyway? Or maybe you’re ready to design your own special emblem! Well, gear up my eclectic avengers, because it’s time for a dance off. Come dressed to impress as we learn 3 super-hero dances: The Wacky Wolverine, The Hip-Hop Hulk, and The Super-Girl Stomp. We will also be making individual, special emblems for each child. There’s no difference between “boys” and “girls” when it comes to saving the world and doing it in style…dance style, that is. We’ll stretch, get strong, and fly through cool moves, only to have a giant dance-off at the end! Let’s do this!