These three classes are sure to put a smile on your face, which one will you choose? 

Jazz A.L.P

A HarmsaStar Exclusive featuring "A Layered Perspective."

New to Jazz? Just getting back into it? Or are you a professional?  

What if I told you, this class offered "a layered" perspective?" Meaning, no matter who you are or where you are as a mover, together (mixed levels and all) we will express ourselves to the max, and discover ways to push our boundaries, whilst defining our abilities. After all, we ALL just want to Dance. :) 

Combining beginning, intermediate, and advanced Technique and Performance.

♥  Introduction to fundamentals: feet/arm positions, patterns, turns, leaps, and choreography.  *Exposure to history of Jazz dance, including cross-over into musical theatre.  

♥ Further development of strength, flexibility, and performance execution. Relationship to Ballet technique. Molding dancers creatively and passionately, as they define their Jazz influences.

♥ Relationship to Contemporary Dance. Possibility to co-create and perform in Company productions.

All people. All ages. All Levels.

*Featured in workshops.   

Cost: $10/drop-in.

Waiver form - sign online or sign on arrival

Contemporary Yoga

A HarmsaStar Exclusive!

Heard me talking about creating a Yoga-Dance flow? Well, it's here!

Contemporary Yoga is a rare movement experience. Experimental. Learn the essentials of both worlds as you are transported into a unique mind-frame of free-flowing-flight. Move to your own rhythm or join in the rhythm of community. 

Find technical dance elements, as well as asana and pranayama. With accompanying music to give us a beat and let our mindful body be carried away, this 60 min class is sure to leave you feeling like a yogi and a dancer. 

All Levels. All people. All ages.

Bring: water, yoga mat, towel (optional), and an open heart (mandatory) 

Cost: $10/drop-in.

Waiver form - sign online or sign on arrival


Musical Theatre 

Been looking around Oahu for a Musical Theatre Class for adults? Well, here it is!

Elements of Voice, Acting, and Dance. Each 90 min class will include a movement and vocal warm-up encouraging flexibility and versatility. Traditional and Contemporary Jazz Dance influence as well as movement fundamentals. Improvisational exercises. Monologue and Skits. Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony :)

Guest Teachers may drop in to offer additional professional skills in voice, acting, and dance!

Cost: $15/drop-in.

Waiver form - sign online or sign on arrival