If movement can involve young students in cardinal subjects of academia, within the educational system, it will catapult children’s achievements
— ♥ HarmsaStar

A “Whole-istic” Education: Generation Rainbow & The Movement Arts

Generation Rainbow represents HarmsaStar's deep-rooted commitment to Arts Education for All. 

What makes Generation Rainbow so educationally delicious? 

The cross-pollination of academics and arts within school curricula: a framework where arts education (including of course movement) reigns just as powerful and important as math, english, and science. Where all people, all ages, are learning about themselves as “whole” human beings – mind, body, and heart, instead of just getting lost in the chaos of the world at large. The layering of multi-disciplinary topics, attributes itself to HarmsaStar's own personal educational journey. 

The dreams and ambitions of HarmsaStar, regarding All people, All ages, spans across the entire educational system and aims to re-define traditional academia by re-organizing the existing structure and integrating a “whole-istic” one; one where a curriculum indefinitely involves the arts. This has and will continue to take shape in the form of school and community programs, museum and other education based organizations, as well as outreach, workshop, fundraising, and performance events and venues.  

Generation Rainbow Programs include: YogiGrow, The Inner-to-Outer Movement Artist, Dream Dance-Theatre, and more! Click the link below to discover your color of the rainbow:



Current Programs

If you are interested in HarmsaStar coming to your school please contact here. 

HarmsaStar only needs 15 minutes of your busy day to demonstrate the benefits, outcomes, structure, and diversity of housing "Generation Rainbow."

If requested, HarmsaStar will provide full proposal packets designed to fit your unique scope and environment. This could likely include: what to expect; topics/themes/subjects covered; class format/structure; student outcomes; lesson plans; benefits of crossovers in arts and education; class options (days/times); affordable pricing, and anything else necessary.

HarmsaStar makes it easily accessible for parents, schools, marketing coordinators, and events planners by compiling programme info and following up. I am also more than happy to work in conjunction with whomever to ensure fullest desired participation of all parties involved.