If movement can involve young students in cardinal subjects of academia, within the educational system, it will catapult children’s achievements
— ♥ HarmsaStar

A “Whole-istic” Education: Generation Rainbow & The Movement Arts

Generation Rainbow represents HarmsaStar's deep-rooted commitment to Arts Education for All. What makes Generation Rainbow so educationally delicious? The cross-pollination of academics and arts within school curricula: a framework where arts education (including of course movement) reigns just as powerful and important as math, english, and science. Where all people, all ages, are learning about themselves as “whole” human beings – mind, body, and heart, instead of just getting lost in the chaos of the world at large. The layering of multi-disciplinary topics, attributes itself to HarmsaStar's own personal educational journey. 

The dreams and ambitions of HarmsaStar, regarding All people, All ages, spans across the entire educational system and aims to re-define traditional academia by re-organizing the existing structure and integrating a “whole-istic” one; one where a curriculum indefinitely involves the arts. This has and will continue to take shape in the form of school and community programs, museum and other education based organizations, as well as outreach, workshop, fundraising, and performance events and venues.  

Generation Rainbow Programs include: YogiGrow, The Inner-to-Outer Movement Artist, Dream Dance-Theatre, and more! 

All Ages classes comprise of movement exploration through a dance/yoga/education perspective. Technique, theme, intention, and program development are adapted to meet All People. Alongside the idea of creating and establishing courses for All People, All Ages, HarmsaStar also respects and understands that adults and children sometimes appreciate taking classes independently from one another. 

Inspired by educational philosophers of the past and present including: Vygotsky's “Sociocultural Theory of Cognitive Development,” Bloom's “Learning Domains,” and Gardner's “Multiple Intelligences,”  focused Academic Movement Courses include: Language Arts through Theatre and Dance; Math via Ballet; The Science of the Moving Body; Psychology of Human Action; Story-telling; Becoming “Whole-istic.”

The Inner-to-Outer Movement Artist (emphasis on dance and self-enquiry)

When it comes to dance, technique is not just physical, it is wholly embodied in the mind, body, and spirit, then immersed into the world each dancer creates for and around him/herself. By juxtaposing theory and practice, simultaneously tracing the relevance behind definitive academic foundations, including philosophical endeavors, psychological understandings, historical accuracies, scientific functionality, and of course arts diversity and practicality, students, particularly dancers, will gain a better comprehensive understanding of what it means to become an artist, and the multiple layering of theory, practice, and integrity that drives this incredible transformation towards being “whole.” Drive, dedication, passion, interesting topics, a positive environment, structure, enforcement of rules, creative freedom, and crossovers in other artistic/academic genres, are all key components to the artistic work of HarmsaStar. Generation Rainbow, Arts Education for All, strives to bridge gaps between education and arts consistently; a holistic view of learning, if not yet always incorporated into the classroom, will be and is the driving force behind HarmsaStar's teaching philosophy.

Within art-academic implemented programs, students, or artists, will excel both in their chosen field, as well as in the real world. 

YogiGrow: Young Generation (Pre-School through 8th grade)

YogiGrow stems from the ambition to inspire children mentally and physically, and to nurture strong hearts as they continue to grow and develop into effective and integral members of the world. By being present, positive, funny, free-spirited, inspired, inspiring, aware, wise, humble, interested, influential, a mentor, and always themselves a student of self-study, HarmsaStar strives to invoke and encourage the same energies in our community of youngchildren. 

Encouraging keiki to learn about the wonderful world of expression, all while having fun, in a safe and nurturing environment. Imagine children being able to play while embodying key concepts of physical health AND wellness, mind/body awareness, communication and community, respect and focus, and of course, endless creativity! There is a remarkable occurrence that can come from learning not only through the auditory and visual senses, but through the physical as well. This is a truly powerful gift and opportunity for "whole-istic" education.

Classes involve students in the dynamic aspects of dance and the static aspects of yoga: how to breathe mindfully; carving out time to let go of peer, parental, and academic pressure; postures such as turtle or eagle which inspire creativity, determination, humility, and also an understanding of the natural world.

The 'Whole' Movement Artist

Children can understand the significance of balance, calm, and inner-peace. Emphasis on cultural/communal self-awareness; integration; and reciprocity 

What you can expect from a Generation Rainbow class:

Classroom management, gender diversity, and multicultural education. Knowledge, expansive subject matter, rules, etiquette, and a communicative language understood by both teacher and student. In short, a “whole-istic” framework in action.

Modeling  (both teacher and student) - in the context of dance, this would be seen as varying technique and choreographic device exercises.

Generation Rainbow believes in the importance and effectiveness of visual aids, such as video and written materials

Guided practice through group work experimentation, as well as peer support and student/student learning. Artists will perform for one another and work in small groups to create choreography, further exemplifying HarmsaStar's mission of “a human movement experience communicated through dance, yoga, and education.”

Lastly, cultural relationships, discovered throughout in-class discussions, reflections, and demonstrations, will also be prevalent in the classes. Incorporating movement-based art forms into the “normal” academic curricula will reflect a school's diversity, and bring about a more well-rounded generation of educated and educational artists. Bringing a sense of family, community, learning, and social well-being, Generation Rainbow promises to make an impact one person at a time. 



If you are interested in bringing Generation Rainbow to your school please contact me