"I look at the dancers and I get the inspiration for the work from them" Graeme Murphy

Welcome to The Company! Here's the lowdown:

1.) All Company members must attend 2-3 (minimum) technique classes per week. This is to ensure we are all still training our own bodies and are technically and creatively at our best. You are more than welcome to explore other dance opportunities, however, you are also encouraged to attend HarmsaStar classes.

2.) All Company members must take at least 1 yoga/contemporary yoga class per week (this can count towards technique requirement). Since HarmsaStar is also a Yoga and Education company/business it's important for members to experience all aspects of what HarmsaStar represents and believes in. Yoga is a foundational element, as is the crossover between yoga and dance. The physical and mental benefits speak for themselves and will diversify your technique and creative abilities.

3.) *For now* Company members must provide their own costumes. Simply put, until HarmsaStar has generated a little more following, contributions must be made towards costumes.

4.) Once officially recognized as a company member, HarmsaStar will offer a "Company Only" Monthly Pricing Option. This does not apply towards individual/drop-in classes. Full details will be discussed in person or via email. 

5.) Rehearsals will take place, depending on shows/time/role. Plan for at least 1- 2 classes/rehearsals per week to either work on new repertory, prepare for performances, or for auditions. 

*There is also a Guest Artist Policy: You're also more than welcome to be just a guest artist and audition per show. This does not reflect you as an official Company Member. Please reach out to HarmsaStar if this is the option you're thinking of.

If Dance/Yoga/Education/Movement/All People/All Ages is something you can align with and be inspired by, welcome to the professional company world. It's hard work, but if it's in your heart, it's so much fun! 😊